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Cayenne hot pepper seed growing kit
Cayenne hot pepper seed growing kit

Cayenne hot pepper seed growing kit

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You get everything you need to start growing hot peppers. Seeds, peat pots and growing medium.

Planting instructions: When starting cayenne pepper plants from seed, it’s best to do so indoors or in a greenhouse. They are very delicate and react badly to overly hot or cold weather. Sow the seeds in light, well-drained soil medium and keep in a sunny location at a temperature of at least 60 F. (16 C.) until the seeds sprout in 16-20 days. Plant the growing cayenne pepper seedlings into flats spaced 2-3 inches apart or in individual pots and allow to gradually acclimate or harden to outdoor temperatures. Generally, outdoor transplanting should occur six to eight weeks after the seeds are sown, or after all danger of frost has passed; however, if you choose to transplant before the weather is frost free, it is advisable to protect the plants with row covers or hot caps.