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Fun fall gardening.

Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro or looking to try your hand at growing your own vegetables, it's not too late to plant seeds! While it isn't too late to get planting, some vegetables will yield greater success than others. Grab your Pumpkin Spice drink of choice and jump into what to plant as the leaves start turning beautiful autumnal shades.


Why Plant Vegetables in the Fall?


  • Warm Soil: the hot soil of Summer can often inhibit germination, whereas warm soil encourages speedy germination.


  • Mild Temperatures: the frost is still a long way off, and the lack of blistering heat makes it easy to keep soil perfectly moist.


  • Limited Choices: all that Spring harvesting and Spring planting can get overwhelming quickly. Some people benefit from more limited choices.



Top Tip: if you're sowing seeds in the Fall, add an average of three weeks to the maturation times on seed packets. Keep those cool-natured vegetables snug in the ground.


Top 3 Vegetables to Plant this Fall


#1 Leafy Greens


Lettuce, spinach, and kale thrive in cooler temperatures. They make an excellent starter vegetable for your budding gardening career due to being speedy and easy to grow as well as versatile in the kitchen.


Raw Earth Colors' Six Pack Variety Lettuce pack features six hardy favorites to get you started. Enjoy crisp romaine lettuce plants and delicious leaf salad in 4-5 weeks. That's speedy enough to keep even your troublesome two-year-old interested in the new gardening project.


#2 Garlic


Are you one of those cooks who reads "add one clove of garlic" in a recipe and immediately translates that to 3 cloves of garlic? Good, that makes you our kind of people.


Next time you have a few cloves leftover from a supermarket haul, plant them in your garden bed and add plenty of mulch. Come Spring, you'll get to harvest when you see it sprout on through. Homemade garlic bread, anybody?


#3 Carrots


This orange dream does not just attract bunnies; small and large humans alike count them among some of their favorite vegetables.


This cool weather loving crop benefits from being planted in a raised bed. Most carrots mature in taste the longer they grow. Try and curb your excitement and harvest them all in one go.


In this Raw Earth Colors Carrot Seeds Variety pack, you'll find Tendersweets, Danvers 126, and Scarlet Nantes. As long as you have a pot at least 12 inches deep, you can give planting carrots a try this Fall. We firmly believe vegetable planting isn't just for those blessed with gardens.


All About Raw Earth Colors


At Raw Earth Colors, we pride ourselves on being a small, family-owned, and operated business from Michigan. We want to share our love for planting, growing, and loving the very best nature has to offer.


With our product satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure to receive premium products for your garden. Got any questions? Drop us a line to find out how we can help you grow delicious and nutritious food.

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